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Post by AriesAngel » 2 months ago

Good Morning,
I ordered a POLKI DIAMOND BALI NECKLACE a few days ago, on screen the diamonds were dazzling and free of black spots, when my necklace arrived although pretty EVERY polki diamond had a very visible black spot and therefore i returned the necklace by next day delivery.
I still have not received my REFUND.

Also previous items i returned for an Order earlier this month because they weren't very nice i hardly got any refund back, instead TJC took it upon themselves to use my refund to pay off for an item i had kept on budget pay, i do not think this is acceptable policy when i CLEARLY wrote on the Invoice returned....REFUND TO MY BANK, that is plain enough to read.
Whilst i do like some items i get from TJC i believe Trading Standards would be interested in goal posts keep being moved.
Thank you for your prompt help back to my

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Post by simapreet » 2 months ago

Good Afternoon

Thank you for contacting TJC.

I have had a look at your order and can see that your refund has been processed on 20/11. Please be advised it can take 3-5 working days to go back into your account. As the item was on budget pay you have been refunded the first instalment that had been made.

With regards to the other order where the refund has been readjusted to your budget pay this is stated in our terms and conditions and unfortunately we are unable to refund it back to your account.

I do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards

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